Spring 2014

This was my first branding project that I completed in college. Our instructions for this project was to pick a company that we are passionate about that is located in the Chicagoland area. I grew up listening to Vinyl records with my grandparents and listening to records has always played a huge part when it comes to my tastes in music & design. 

Inspiration . . .

My favorite part about Reckless Records is the culture of the physical locations. I’ve been to their locations in Chicago and it always my go-to spot when I am in the city. I love looking back through decades of music and exploring different genres. Their brand has a vintage – quirky vibe that I wanted to portray in the logo. I chose a more modern typeface for the logotype to mesh the idea of using vinyl records in the modern age of digital music. I incorporated collage work for the imagery on the posters which gave more of a personal feel to the posters.