Lean Six Sigma Training Deck

Lean Six Sigma Training

This PowerPoint deck is an example of one (of many) training decks I created for the Business Excellence department within Abbott Diagnostics. I worked closely with the Project Manager for Business Excellence who was a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt. She created all of the Lean Six Sigma Training material from 2004-2018. I was hired to take all of the outdated training material and update it to coincide with the new branding system that was introduced to the team in late 2018.

Over the course of the year that I worked at Abbott, I updated and created more than 1,000 PowerPoint slides. I designed more than 90 hours worth of Lean Six Sigma training material for Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt Training that would be taught around the globe within different divisions of Abbott Diagnostics.

The new branding system brought in a refreshing and clean design that focused on the Pinnacle Performance system that was recently implemented within the Business Excellence team. The bulk of the training material had been created in 2004. I had the task of breathing life into the existing training material while updated the branding, making it legible, simple to follow and easy to understand.

In contrast to the design of the existing training material, this design features a lot of white space, making the text legible. In addition, I updated the entirety of the imagery using professional photography. I connected the material to the Pinnacle branding using images that focused on adventure, hard work, overcoming challenges and quite literally reaching the “pinnacle” of a journey. I also used simple, clean and modern icons to illustrate certain points of the training and to highlight information.

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*All text included in this PowerPoint was converted to filler text as the original document contained company-sensitive private information.